(ASTANE) Crystal Sugar and Sugar loaf company is one of the pioneer in the field of sugar and Sugar loaf and candy production and packaging. The company was registered at the Fariman County Registry Office in Khorasan Razavi Province in 2010. In 2011 and 2012, by using the principles of scientific, efficient and calculated techniques, and with the help of experienced team designing and producing and using the technical knowledge of the day and the presence of experts started to install and initiation machinery, equipment and tries to take a step forward in advancing the quality of the right of every Iranian. In order to maintain the health of the community, ASTANE has started to produce products using the best quality raw materials and complying with the maximum existing standards.

The company is currently investigating and producing its newest product, Natural Flavored Sugar, under a contract with the Food and Drug Research Institute. The positive features of this product are quite natural, and compared with similar sugars, In addition to having features such as whiteness and uniformity, it creates a different flavor. One of the flavors produced can be sugar with natural flavors of honey, cinnamon, spearmint and ginger.


Member of the Association of Sugar and Candy Producers of Khorasan Razavi


The products of this company are manufactured by standard and sanitary standards and are fully monitored by the quality control forces. The company is also proud to receive international ISO 9001 certificates and international certificates.